Master Teacher Program Offerings

Program offerings for Master Teachers include Mini-Courses, Workshops, and Cohort Meetings/Conferences. These programs are generally organized by the NYS Master Teacher Program administrators, though they may be run by Master Teachers.  All of these offerings count towards the Master Teacher credit requirement.


Mini-courses are usually three session classes run weekdays after school by a SUNY instructor over a three to six-week period. They are available state-wide and are broadcast online. When you sign up for a mini-course, you can either volunteer to host a broadcast site or join a site already organized by a fellow Master Teacher. Mini-courses from the 2015-2016 school year included topics on Nanoscience, Number Theory, Evolution, Engineering, and Nuclear Physics


Workshops are usually single-day sessions that take place on the weekend at a centralized location in the region, though some take place on weekdays after school and some meet more than once to continue to share content and work by participants. Workshops from the 2015-2016 school year included topics on Astronomy, Time Management, Google Apps for Education, and a multi-session workshop on Action Research.

Cohort Meetings

Throughout the school year, there will be four meetings that all Master Teachers in the cohort are expected to attend. The agendas for these meetings vary, but generally include receiving updates about the Master Teacher Program, discussing a common question or goal, or sharing best practices with each other.

Other Offerings

  • NYS MTP Talks: Panel discussions hosted by the NYS Master Teacher program open for participation by Master Teachers
  • Professional Learning Teams: Collaborative communities organized and facilitated by Master Teachers